Monday, June 1, 2015

the City in the Mirage Now Available for Purchase!

"The City in the Mirage", the first supplement for Exiled in Eris, is now available for purchase from all OneBookShelf online stores for $5!

The City in the Mirage is an adventure scenario for Exiled in Eris by Christian Conkle, author of Lightspeed.

This scenario is designed for a party of four to six adventurers of first or second level.

The characters are hired by a noted scholar to accompany him on an expedition into the heart of Eris to find and explore what he believes to be a lost Aeonian city, rendered invisible by some powerful artifact. The story then follows the journey over the desert by airship, a visit to the small Erisian town of Sweetwater, a perilous overland trek, a surprise ambush in the middle of the night, and the exploration of the ancient ruins of the invisible city and the dangers lurking therein.

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