Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New Illustrations for the Upcoming "City in the Mirage" Scenario

Here are some new illustrations I've done for the upcoming scenario, "the City in the Mirage" for Exiled in Eris.

This is a completely re-tooled version of the scenario I included in Swords of Cydoria. The new version is fully 40 pages!

"The City in the Mirage" is almost finished and should be ready for sale next weekend.

Cyril and Gunter

Baron Donahee

One of Donahee's Devil-Wolves

Ismir the Vagrant

Jerf "The Golden Rose" of Norukar

Madame Katrea

Lord Galarus Kendrik

Master Grendas

Yokum the Wineseller

Morro, Leader of the Drifters

A Surly Drifter

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