Sunday, June 7, 2015

Revisiting the 2013 Plan

I was just looking back at the original plan I wrote in 2013. It's definitely time to revisit and revise that plan.

Exiled in Eris
(Original Plan) The core game, allowing you to play mundane humans hunting for artifacts in the ruins of Eris. I'm shooting for less than 100 pages for this book.

(Revision) This is now out. Thought I wound up including a lot of material originally intended for "Through Eyes Inhuman" and "Force of Mind, Strength of Will" below.

Legacy of the Sarcomage
(Original Plan) Mutations and Zorinoids, new monsters.

(Revision) This is still doable. Sarcomages are now Metamorphologists. I would probably rename it Legacy of Xurin.

Through Eyes Inhuman(Original Plan)  Non-human races.

(Revision) I included a lot of the non-human races in the core book, which was not my original intention. The only race I left out were the Bakarans because they were kind of dumb and redundant. This book may not happen.

Force of Mind, Strength of Will
(Original Plan) Psychic powers and new character types: Evokers/Summoners, Archons, Seers, Vasi Guardians, Katari Assassins, Oculus Mercenaries.
(Revision) I originally planned on not including any of this in the core book. As I got farther and farther into it, I had to come up with rules for Ta'Oudh and Sorcery, so I wound up just throwing them in. I'm now going to add some new powers. Evocation and Shamanism are basically the same thing. I'll make them new powers for Sorcery. I'll probably add some more Ta'Oudh powers also.

The Blade of Takshaka
(Original Plan) A re-working of the adventure I wrote.
(Revision) I'm working on this right now. It should be done by the end of June.

The Flight of the Tonbo
(Original Plan) skyships, pirates, trade, factory-cities, generating settlements and villages
(Revision) Still a plan.

Remember Demetria
(Original Plan) Rebellion, insurgency, imperial military
(Revision) Maybe. 

Intrigue and Deception
(Original Plan) espionage and court intrigue
(Revision) Definitely.

(Original Plan) I'm going to try to keep each book between 30-60 pages.

(Revision) Well that failed for the core book. I wound up including a lot more than I originally intended. I also added a new book: The City in the Mirage, because it was fairly easy to adapt and get out the door within a month of the core-book. The other books I can definitely keep within 30-60 pages. 

A lot of this plan really relies on how popular Exiled in Eris becomes. If it kind of falls flat, I'll switch over to something OSR which has more of a built-in audience. 

What is your suggestion for what book I should write next for this line? 


  1. I am loving Exiled in Eris and would be glad to see everything you want to put it out for it.

    I'm getting active on the rpg forums again (after a decade) and will start bringing Exiled in Eris to people's attention.

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  3. I wonder if the barbarians of Lemuria system might be better than OSR. There's already some similarities between it and Exiled in Eris' system and it doesn't have a swords and planets option right now.